Thursday, March 30, 2006

"God heard amen, wherever you are ..."

Grandma F appears to be leaving us tonight. Her skin is pale. Her breathing was labored all afternoon, and she told me a few times that she was very tired. She did eat some mandarin orange slices and tomato soup from her dinner tray. She also drank some “regular” iced tea that I brought her from home. Joanne, the hospice nurse, came in around 7 PM, and wrote orders for 2 more drugs, both to ease the breathing effort for Grandma. Joanne is an angel, and I was glad she was around tonight. When she saw how Grandma was doing, she called someone to take over for her at her next stop so she could stay with us longer. When I left Grandma around 11 PM, her breathing was less difficult and it was even. Her pulse was strong. She was in a deep sleep, and didn’t respond when I spoke to her.

I told her how much we all loved her. Over and over again.

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