Sunday, March 12, 2006

"When I get where I'm going, don't cry for me down here ..."

Grandma's roommate, Mrs. L, passed away early this morning.

When we walked in and saw the empty bed and the empty shelves ... what a sad, terrible feeling. Her son came in while we were there to get the rest of her clothes and things. Jimmy helped him get it all out to his car, and came back to tell me that Jan, her daughter, was in the car and wanted to see me. I got out there as fast as I could. She lifted her arms for a hug when she saw me, and we cried together. I told her what an incredible daughter I thought she was, for all the love and patient devotion she showed her Mom. I will miss my daily contact with her ... very much. I hope she'll recover from her surgery and go on to live the rest of her days knowing she did the very best for her Mother.

Rest in peace, Isabelle.


Grandma, on the other hand, was doing SO much better today. I told Jimmy that I think she talked more today than she has in the entire 10 weeks she's been at Dogwood Acres. She laughed a lot, and talked on the phone to just about everybody. She asked Jimmy for some cold "REGULAR" water yesterday, and enjoyed it so much. She asked for another today. The CNA told us she couldn't give it to her, but we could. So we did. She sipped that baby for over an hour. She also ate a small cup of sherbet for a snack while we where there. She asked about how soon she could go and get her hair done! It was so wonderful to have a 2-way visit with her again ... she laughed and made jokes all afternoon. When she said hello to her friend Art on the phone, she said, "Well hello, Mister!" What an extreme change from only a week ago.

Tomorrow she wants me to bring her a new box of Kleenex, some Scope, some zinc oxide, and some Hershey bars. Sounds like Grandma F is feeling much better!


I made a very simple shrimp scampi for dinner tonight ... now I'm the garlic breath queen. Tomorrow evening is my first group support session at Dr. Bour's!

Gonna go and take my shower now, so I will be ready and waiting at 9 PM to watch the final season premier of my man, Tony.

Y'all have a wonderful week.

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