Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Song she brang to me ..."

Neil Diamond rulez, y'all. Did you know he released a CD a few months ago? Oh yeah, Cracklin' Rosie.


(Patti, it surely feels weird to me to have Michael here without YOU. I miss you!)

Michael drove up today to spend some time with Grandma F. She had an OK day ... another IV came out this morning, but had to be replaced. The doctor saw her today, and wants another 3 bags of IV fluid in her. She ate a few bites of lunch, and about half of her dinner ... and she slept, and slept. Once, when Michael asked her if she had been sleeping good, she answered, "Oh, I'm not sleeping."


Before dinner tonight, Michael and I were chatting while she rested ... the tray came and we began to try and wake her. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the word "Coma" came to my mind. She just about wouldn't rouse.

We met with Hospice ... nice people all around. Hopefully, they can make her life more comfortable in the coming days.


I'm so tired.

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