Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Dearly beloved, are you listening? ..."

I met with the nutritionist today. She outlined the diet I will follow for a few weeks before surgery, as well as what I'll be eating during the 6 months after surgery. She told me that more and detailed information will follow as I attend the classes and group sessions. She was easy to talk to, and very friendly. I have her e-mail address now, and was encouraged to use it to ask any food or exercise-related questions I might come up with.

Both the surgeon and the nutritionist encouraged me to use this time before surgery to start forming some of the habits I'll need afterwards. Things like ... walking every day. Again I'm wishing I had not sold my treadmill. Looks like I'll have to get up close and personal with the damned hills in my neighborhood. The nutritionist said, "This time next year, you'll be jogging up those hills!" That sounds like science fiction to me.


Grandma F was resting when I spent time with her today. The hospice nurse came in to check her vitals while I was there. Grandma refused her at first, saying that she knew she was going to trick her into getting out of bed and down to the therapy room. After convincing Grandma to let the nurse do what she needed to do, I used that opportunity to get clarity on the whole therapy issue. I explained to the nurse how much anxiety and unhappiness the daily prospect of therapy brings to Grandma. The nurse immediately went and looked at her chart ... then came back in to tell Grandma that she would no longer be expected to go to therapy. I'll admit, I was hoping for whoops and hollers ... maybe a cartwheel, in celebration. I had to settle for Grandma closing her eyes and saying, "Good." Hopefully, that will ease the reluctance to cooperate with the nurses and CNA's, if she's not thinking they have ulterior motives.


I was sad to hear of Dana Reeve's death today at age 44. Sadder still to think of the 13-year-old son she had to leave here, now without either parent. That was some fast-moving cancer.


So how's your week going?

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