Thursday, January 05, 2006

"We're better off for all that we let in ..."

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Yesterday, I asked Grandma F what I should cook for dinner. I said I was out of ideas and needed some suggestions. She thought for half a second, and then said, "Why don't you fry up a dishrag?" When I busted out laughing, she just grinned and giggled. :-)

I met the neatest CNA. Her name is Bernadine, and she works 2nd shift. She is an older lady ... not old, but middle-aged ... which is rare in the CNA world. She seemed to truly care about Grandma and Mrs. L. She gave Grandma a choice of when she wanted to have her shower, and Grandma chose after supper. I'm sure, the way things work, she won't be with Grandma every afternoon and evening, but if I had my way, she would be.

Bernadine gave Mrs. L a bedbath behind the curtain during my visit. Mrs. L seems to get very vocal when she is being moved or tended to, so it was hard to talk at times. Grandma would just lay there and listen for something she could understand, and then she would tell me what Mrs. L had just said. Grandma said, over and over, that she didn't mind the noise Mrs. L sometimes makes. She said it was very sad that her brain had "gone bad" like that. I found out yesterday that Mrs. L's daughter comes to feed her at EVERY mealtime. Now that's devotion.

Another Grandma quote from Wednesday: "I wish I could eat a big ole candy bar. But I can't, because my sugar is all messed up." :-(


Emilie went to Clemson yesterday to pay her rent, and move a few little things into the apartment. It's basically the same floorplan that she and Adam shared several years back ... same landlord, different apartment complex. Her roommate had already claimed a bedroom, so Emilie is stuck with the smaller of the two. Less floor space for dirty laundry, though ... might be a good thing.


If I don't do some cleaning around here soon ... I was walking through the kitchen with bare feet this morning, and had a moment there where I feared I'd be stuck until someone came along to rescue me. Talk about a sticky spot. Ugh.

Today, mopping will take place.

Don't envy my jet-set life. OK?

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