Friday, January 13, 2006

"Talk about things and nobody cares ..."

I was going to do this week's Friday Five, but the questions this week are crappy. I guess it's not easy to come up with five great new questions every week, but The Friday Five ain't what it used to be.

God, that sounds stupid. I'm 12.


Jimmy got home safely last night.


I'm going to act a bit like a housewife today, because Michael and Patti are driving up here tonight. I know it's pretty well documented what a procrastinating, lazy-ass I am ... but when faced with the prospect of "other people" coming to my house, well, I've been known to grab a dust rag. That's the plan today. That, and running over to sit with Grandma F for a while. And a quick trip to the grocery store.


I sure do wish I had something else to write about so I wouldn't have to get off my butt and do all that stuff I just wrote up there.


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