Monday, January 09, 2006

"Everybody's looking for something ... "

Maggie and I are alone in the house today. That whole story of mine about how I crave "alone time"? It's bullshit.

There was no procrastination connected with Emilie's move back to Clemson, after all. We got down there, and not only did Jimmy get the water running ... he hooked up the cable TV, too. The apartment is teeny-tiny, but plenty of room for two skinny twenty-somethings. They were both freaked out to find there were no cable outlets in the bedrooms. That was the biggest crisis of the day. And oh my, how wonderful it was not to have to schlep the boxes and mattress UP a flight of stairs! All 4 years of college, she lived in a 2nd story apartment. (I shouldn't complain though ... at two of those buildings, she could have lived on the THIRD floor, and didn't.) But this time ... so nice. Straight from the parking lot, into the door.

So she didn't come back home to sleep here. And I'm OK about it . Kinda. (I miss you, Em. Take good care of yourself.)


A Grandma F observation made over the last few days, and confirmed again yesterday:

She's miserable in her wheelchair. She's more comfortable, and more talkative, when she's settled back in her bed.

I got a look at the tailbone pressure sore yesterday when the nurse was changing the dressing on it. The nurse commented that it was looking so much better and, while I don't know what it looked like at the worst stage, I thought it didn't look bad at all. It looks as though it's healing, and isn't even what I would call "red". It's pinkened skin, mainly. So I don't know if that's what's causing her to be so tortured when she's sitting in her chair ... but she can barely seem to lift her head when she's sitting there. She will sloooooowly move herself back into the bed, with the CNA's help, and after much repositioning to get settled, she will seem like her old self again. Conversation-wise, anyway. She's not so much into moving around at all.


Jimmy worked hard all weekend long ... Saturday, he and Adam did all the heavy lifting ... and yesterday, he re-arranged beds all day. He moved Emilie's old mattress and boxsprings to the storage room, then put one queen bed on a frame in Em's room, and another back up on the frame in Adam's old room.

I'm betting he's in some amount of discomfort this morning. :-(


I've got 52 things I need to be doing this morning. Talk to ya later.

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Anonymous said...

I love you and thanks for helping me move!