Saturday, January 07, 2006

"I've been losing so much time ..."

Well alrighty. It's only half a moving day.

Emilie's roommate called last night to let her know the apartment won't have water until Monday. She finally got around to setting up service YESTERDAY, it would seem. Although I was under the impression that water service was never really shut off and back on again between tenants at apartment complexes ... I thought it was just transferred to a new bill. Oh well. We will find out more when we arrive down there. We decided we'd go ahead and move most of the non-essentials, especially the larger furniture today. And she can come back to sleep here until the water is working. She's not a happy camper, that one.

My procrastination wish worked!!!


Four Things About Moi

Four Jobs I Have Had:

1. Nurse's Aide at Oak Manor Nursing Home - I washed bottoms, changed diapers, emptied foley catheter bags, recorded vital signs, and fed people through tubes they had in their noses. I got to wear a white "nurse's uniform". I was 17 years old, and had basically no training for this job. Scary, no? I'm sure the pay was super low. Thank God that the people who do this sort of work nowadays have to be trained and "certified" ... even if that sometimes means little to nothing in the care that they give. I do have a soft spot for the old folks. Each and every one was somebody's precious baby, and each and every one has a story to tell.

2. Child Care Provider - I did this right after I got married, until I was about 6 months pregnant, and then again in the mid-1980's for a year or so. In 1979, I charged $30 a week for a toddler to stay in my home all day long ($50 a week if the family had two children), and I provided toys and snacks, stories and hugs ... and potty-training. I wasn't licensed, but I was damn good at it.

3. Tupperware Lady - Oh yeah. I was THAT obnoxious. I also sold Aloette Cosmetics at the same type of home demonstration "parties". I don't think I ever made much money at either one.

4. Mom - The pay was way low, but the benefits were out of this world.

Four Movies I Would Watch Over And Over:

I watch a lot of movies over and over again, but the ones I've watched the most are:

1. Shirley Valentine - "Hiya wall." (When, oh when, will this be released on DVD?)

2. Gone With The Wind - "Great balls of fire. Don't bother me anymore, and don't call me sugar."

3. Crimes Of The Heart - "She's so shy with men ... probably that shrunken ovary of hers."

4. Grease - "The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy."

Four Places I Have Lived:

1. Villa Rica, Georgia (March 1970 to August 1970) - We temporarily moved to my grandmother's house so that my Mom could care for our dying Grandma. I thought it it was a special kind of torture Frances thought up just for me.

2. Manchester, Georgia (June 1980 to July 1981) - Adam was born while we lived briefly in this little hole-in-the-wall.

3. Marietta, Georgia (January 1979 to June 1980) - While Jimmy finished his college education, we lived in the "nicest" trailer park in Marietta!

4. Columbus, Georgia (March 1959 to January 1979, except for that brief stay in Villa Rica -- then July 1981 to August 1988, when we loaded up the truck and moved to South Cackilacky)

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch:

1. Scrubs

2. South Park

3. The Amazing Race

4. Family Guy

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation:

1. St. Maarten (Carnival Cruise).

2. St. Thomas (same Carnival Cruise)

3. Charleston, South Carolina

4. Panama City Beach, Florida

Four Websites I Visit Daily:

1. The Hollywood Rag - It's a little scary how much I love celebrity gossip.

2. The AJ and Brandy Show - They know I'm their Number One Fan.

3. TRCH Ragdoll Forum - Crazy Ragoll owners, just like me.

4. - Mainly to make up for all the celebrity gossip.

Four Of My Favorite Foods:

1. Really, really, really good chargrilled steak. Preferably a ribeye, medium rare.

2. California Dreaming Salad with the House Dressing

3. Chicken & Dumplings

4. Romano's Macaroni Grill Pasta Milano

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:

1. In bed

2. In my purple beach chair, with my toes in the warm surf, and a cold cocktail in my hand

3. Tailgating at a Clemson football game

4. On my own private balcony, on a cruise to anywhere

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