Monday, January 30, 2006

"Guess who's back? Back again ..."

Where the heck have YOU been?


Alright, I know ... slacking on the updating. (Thanks for the kick in the rear, Brandy!) The main, true, real reason I haven't been writing is this: I hate to bore you good people. And there has been nothing - really, NOTHING - in my head worth sharing with sane folks lately.

I've recovered from the kidney/uti business. It was slow-going, and I will be the first to admit that I googled "Kidney Transplant" more than once. I didn't think the pain was ever going to disappear. But it did, just like it was never there to begin with.

So last week, I was pretty much useless ... pain in my back, crushing fatigue ... I was supposed to update here too? Forget that nonsense! :-)


Em came to town today to take the GRE exam. Adam left town today to get back to the beach ... another week in Puerto Rico.


The Wound Care Nurse pronounced Grandma F's pressure sores healed. Amen.

It was naptime when I got there today, and I don't think she ever got fully awake while I was there. Looked like good sleepin'.


I've been playing with while I've been sitting at the computer today. If you like to listen to music while you're at the computer, you should check it out. (I might like it even better if I was upstairs at the "big" computer with the better speakers ... or even some headphones.)


I'm feeling ever-so introspective these last few days. I'm sure nothing will come of it, as usual.

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