Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Up on the airplane, nearer my God to thee ..."

Adam is winging it to Puerto Rico, as I type. Safe travels, son ... and have a good trip!


Golden Globe Awards Snark:
(I know you didn't watch because you knew I'd tell you all about it.)

* Harrison Ford is too old to wear an earring. Only old rock-n-roll singers can pull that off.

* John Travolta said Pierce "Bronson". Ouch.

* Best Acceptance Speech: Steve Carell from "The Office"

* Best Dressed Female: Kiera Knightly

* Best Dressed Male: George Clooney

* Gwyneth Paltrow has adopted a fake Irish accent in the same annoying way that Madonna grew a British one. I think they both need to get over it.

* All of a sudden, I stopped liking Jamie Fox.

* Not a damn woman there wore a bra. Drew Barrymore's nipples were downright distracting.

* "Brokeback Mountain" won Best Movie, Drama.

* "I Walk The Line" won Best Movie, Musical/Comedy.

* The Desperate Housewives make me gag.

* It ended on time.

There. You can thank me for watching it for you next time you see me.


Grandma F ate some applesauce while I was there today. I also took a small fan in, to place by her bed, in an effort to compromise on the room temperature. Her roommate gets too cold, and Grandma stays too warm.

She was really quite angry when I got there today ... "ready to chew nails", I believe she said ... over the whole therapy torture. She was feeling calmer and happier by the time I left. I wish she could just go with the flow, where the therapy is concerned. I think I remember saying that about her when she was at Shady Acres.


The wind is blowing so hard again this evening ... wonder if that branch of doom hanging over the deck will finally come down tonight.

Time to start dinner.

As ever,

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