Monday, February 26, 2007

"What goes around, goes around, goes around ..."

Welcome to "The Week Of Justin".

Tomorrow night ... Philips Arena ... Atlanta GA ... we're bringin' sexy back. (I think I'm too old for that, but I'm doin' it anyway.)


The weekend was nice. On Saturday, Adam came over before noon. Brandy was working half a day, and he came to "hang out". Of course he ended up helping his dad. They installed a new CD player in Jimmy's truck, among various other odd jobs. He updated some stuff on my laptop, too. (Thanks, honey.) After Brandy finished working, we headed over to Macaroni Grill, where the consumption of much wine ensued. We had the worst service known to man, but we hardly noticed, thanks to the chianti. (No census-taker-liver or fava beans, though. "Ff-ff-ff-ff.") After the 3-hour meal, we came back here, where Brandy helped me get started on adding some songs to my new-to-me iPod. (Thanks for the iPod, Emilie!) Then we watched "The Departed" ... LOVED it. (It won Best Picture on Sunday ... I had only seen one other nominee, "Little Miss Sunshine", and while that was totally wonderful, I don't think it compared in 'Oscar-worthiness' to "The Departed". So, yay.)

After the movie, I was tired, the night was rainy ... good sleepin', right? Wrong. See above: Too Much Wine. Grrr.

Sunday I worked a little. I talked to a lady in California who told me her name was "Mary Christmas". Yikes. After work, I started on the new iPod addiction. Where will it end? Rehab, I suppose. I added Abba, Garth Brooks, and Aerosmith, among others What! ... my tastes are varied. It kept me so occupied, I completely missed The Oscars. Thank God for online gossip sites or I'd never know who wore what.


Today is:
~ More work.
~ More iPod obsession.
~ Support Group at Dr. Bour's.
~ Upstate gals meeting after that.


Speaking of Dr. Bour ... my appointment on Friday was good. I completely forgot to ask him about the damn vitamins. Hopefully I'll remember tonight. He told me I was on track with my weight loss ... I've lost 135 pounds since this time last year, and 114 since my surgery day. He wants me to lose 18 to 25 more before I'm "done". Crazy, huh?!


Adding these 2 pics from Em and Jud's Saturday fishin' trip for Michael ... presenting your niece Emilie, the flyfisherwoman:


And now I'm off to visit my treadmill with Justin. Don't forget what week it is, people.


9:00 AM Edited to add:

Hello, my name is Dawn, and 30 years later, I'm still a Band Nerd. Last night, I added to my new-to-me iPod the 2001 Clemson drumline's marching cadences, along with the band playing Tiger Rag. I just discovered that I TOTALLY LOVE walking to that on my treadmill! I had to break out the "slow jog" for "Go Go Get'Em Get'Em" though. Heeeee! Would somebody start checking out possible rehab locations, just in case?

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