Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"She's freaky and she knows it ..."

I have officially entered my second youth. Just a warning, is all I'm saying.

The concert last night was UNBELIEVABLE!!! I literally drooled when the man danced. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. He is incredibly talented musically ... and I spent the entire night with a dumb grin on my face, just to be in the same humongous room with him. GAWD. He's hot.

Pink was the opener ... and she was really good. She sang "Stupid Girls", which I love. She also sang "Dear Mr. President" (without the Indigo Girls, unfortunately), and "Get The Party Started". Oh, and "Family Portrait". Good stuff. She ended doing crazy gymnastic stuff on a fabric swing high above the stage ...while she sang. Great opener!

(Timbaland and T.I. also performed ... not that I really knew who they were, before last night. I have to say that the crowd went nuts for T.I., and Timbaland did a really great "intermission" show.)

Then ... Justin. What more can I possibly tell you? He was gorgeous ... he sang ... he danced ... he toasted Atlanta with a shot of tequila, and then had to wipe his eyes because it made them water ... and in the end, he gave the most sincere talk about how grateful he is for his fans and his success and the life he is living. *sigh*

Awesome, awesome night. (Thank you Brandy, for wanting to go with ME!)

Here's some of what we enjoyed last night:


"What Goes Around"

"My Love"

"Sexy Back"

"Rock Your Body"

"Cry Me A River"

"Love Stoned" ... bad sound quality, but the video is worth the watch. (I'm drooling again.)

Another view of "Love Stoned"

"Like I Love You"

Someday I may decide to be 47 again ... but not today.


Amy said...

Dawn..... you really make me laugh. I have been reading your last couple post and you are keeping me in tears from laughing so much. You sound how I do about Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. I am soooooo glad that you and Brandy had a nice time. He is pretty HOT!!!!
Also... let me say, check you out Hot Mamma. You look GREAT!!!! I am so happy for you.
Take care!!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg..I'm so jealous! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much. I hope to hear all the details later.
love you much, Kay