Friday, February 23, 2007

"I'm just your ordinary average everyday sane psycho ..."

Yay. Friday.

And it's a miracle ... backhoes and tractors take Fridays off. At least, as of 8:00 AM today, there is no action behind the house. I woke up at 6:45 anyway.


I tried on bathing suits yesterday. Ouch. Actually, it wasn't nearly as traumatic as it used to be. And the skirted tankinis hid 90% of the melted thighs. I just didn't find anything I wanted to spend $80 on just yet.


Em sent some pictures last night ... I hope they don't mind me sharing. If they do, I'll remove them, so look quick.

Jud and Emilie practicing their target skills:

A modern day Bonnie and Clyde ... only they shoot at clay. (I'll have to try to get some "fishin' pics" one of these days to make Em's Uncle Michael happy.)

One more set ... this one never fails to make me smile. Jud posed with new puppy, Allie, on his shoulders last fall, soon after she was adopted. To mark her rapid-fire growth, he posed again last night (about 3 months later). I hope his back is OK this morning.

Hee! That is one sweet puppy.


Doctor's appointment today ... I can't wait to ask him WHEN OH WHEN can I stop with the god-awful chewable vitamins. I've heard he wants us using them for a full year. Gag.

Have a nice weekend, will you?

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