Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Wondering if we had spent our living days well ..."

Good golly, life seems extra busy these days. And I'm spinning my wheels most of the time. Ugh.


Hey, look what I ate on Sunday:

I didn't eat the whole thing, but wow. The few bites I DID eat were pretty darn good. I attended a lovely shower for Brandy and Adam and the new baby in Charlotte on Sunday afternoon. They got a truckload of beautiful gifts. I'm sure they're trying to find a place to put them all now.

And let me just take a moment to say that I adore my daughter-in-law's family. A warmer, more loving group of folks you will not find anywhere. They always make me feel welcomed and comfortable. It really makes me wish we all lived in the same town.


Happy Birthday to my sister Kay! (Speaking of another person I wish lived closer to me.) She's 47 today, and I send her all my best wishes for a HEALTHY, happy year ahead. I wish she could take some time off to do something for herself. She works seven days a week at two jobs, and her time off work is spent getting ready to go to work the next day. I worry about her health, and I worry about her happiness. I hope someone makes her smile and feel loved on her birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Sissy. I miss you.

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