Monday, September 24, 2007

"Gonna see if I can't unwind ..."

Aww crap, I'm home again. As expected, the week at the beach FLEW on seagulls' wings. Also as expected, my kid put up some vacation pictures faster than I did.


What I Did After My Late Summer Vacation:
I drove my husband to the ER on Sunday night after he crawled to the car, unable to stand or walk. Yeah, he threw his back out while doing some yard work. There was talk of doing an MRI today, but his doctor settled for an x-ray. It showed no damage to the disks or vertebrae, so we're calling it muscle strain for now. He's all dopey on Vicodin and Flexeril, the lucky dawg.


We did have a marvelous time with The Gang at the beach. My sister Kay and her kiddos Josh and Beth were there, along with my Mom ... Adam & Brandy, Emilie & Jud, and me & Jimmy made up the rest of the crowd. We all took turns cooking and cleaning the kitchen, which made for a really nice vacation. The weather was perfect, cool and comfortable humidity ... except for the day of rain on Thursday. And some of us even claimed to enjoy the forced "stay inside and do nothing" of that whole business, although I was not one of them. I totally enjoyed the sunshine! The beach was uncrowded, the house was huge, and the company made me smile all week long.

Oh here, let me let the pictures do the talking ...

First evening ... everybody (except the photographer and Beth (who was probably off sending a vital text message) outside on the main level porch/deck:
On the first evening, the house next door was the site of a beach wedding. My goofball husband pretended he was the Secret Wedding Photographer and hid in the sea oats for a few snapshots of strangers:

The Mother of my Soon-To-Be-Born Granddaughter, looking especially pretty:

Everybody enjoyed the pool:

Niece Beth and I, enjoying a late afternoon walk by the ocean. (Is she texting again?!?)

View of the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier from our "front yard":

We had so much fun at Medieval Times:

Nephew Josh and Jud, hobbling back home after being maimed on the Killer Skimboard:

Em, relaxing on the beach while Jud tried a little surf-fishing:

The week's motto: "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere":

A group shot before heading home again:

Thanks for the memories, y'all.


Lunchbox said...

Thanks for calling and letting somebody know Dad went to the ER. Just for that, we're not gonna call when we go into labor.

Amy said...

It looks like you guys had a very nice time at the beach. I am jealous. I love all the great pictures. Can't wait to see you this Sunday, have a safe trip up.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous Dawn. Your pictures are gorgeous. Sorry you had to come home to reality.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you really had a great time!!!! Tell Jim I will share my ice pack with him (haha) I am still nursing this crip ankle of mine. Can't wait to see you Saturday!!!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Dawn! How did you get them all throughout your blog? I tried to add some from my cruise to mine, but it wants to put them all at the beginning....LOL!

Dawn said...

Rebecca, I imagine there might be an easier way ... and every time I add pictures, I end up grumbling about what a pain it is ... but the only way I know is to "drag" them to where you want them to be placed in the body of your post. When you upload them, they'll start out at the top. Then you have to click on the picture, hold it, and drag it to where you want it. Hope that helps!