Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Let the sun illuminate the words ..."

Several of the bloggers I read on a regular basis have recently posted their "Life Lists". In case you haven't heard of the concept, it's simply a list you make of the things you would like to do or accomplish in your lifetime. They say that once you start the list, things actually begin happening ... whether it's you making the effort or there's some "magic" in actually stating to the universe what you'd like out of life. I think there's something to this. About 20 years ago, I made a tiny list in my journal: "Things I Want". (Hehe.) At the time, they seemed quite unattainable. In looking back, years later, I discovered that almost every single thing on the list could have been crossed off. (Except for the ones that only applied to the house we lived in at the time.)

With that in mind, I decided to start my "Life List". Wanna hear it? Here it go:

* Go to a Dave Matthews Band concert.

* Go on a "Sisters Only" weekend trip with Kay and Laura.

* Sell this house and move.

* Live in a house that has good natural light ... windows! Big rooms. And grass in the backyard.

* Grow tomatoes and a flower garden in that sunny backyard.

* Exercise DAILY.

* Invite friends for dinner, or drinks and conversation ... in other words, stop worrying that my home isn't "nice enough".

* Visit Hawaii.

* Go to a Madonna concert.

* Organize all my photographs.

* Find a way to visit and reconnect with my old friend Leslie White Adams.

* Clean out all the junk in the garage and basement. Too much STUFF!

* Visit Greece.

* Travel around the U.S. in a motor home. (The closest I'll go to "camping".)

* Grow my hair until I can be happy with a haircut again.

* Learn about wine.

* Learn to knit.

* Learn to swim.

* Become a person who is thought about often, in loving and positive ways.

* Floss every day.

* Get rid of the remaining wallpaper in this house, and repaint the 1st floor rooms.

* Redecorate the kitchen and laundry room, floor to ceiling.

* Read more books.

* Be supportive and helpful to my adult children. No smothering. No guilt.

* Learn to dance the Shag.

* Find someplace to volunteer.

* Straighten out my recipe notebook.

* Get a new deck built for this house.

* Win the lottery. (Can't hurt.)

* Be the kind of Grandmother that I always wanted for my own kids.

* Spend more time outside.

* Make a trip to the beach, any beach ... at least once every season.

* Ride a bike again.

* Ride a roller coaster again.

* Sit and talk more with Michael and Patti.

* Plant a magnolia tree in my yard.

* Say more "I Love You"s.

* Stop settling for less.

* Model self-confidence and humility for my grandchildren.

* Spend less money on "things".

* Start every day with "I'm grateful" thoughts.

* See a performance of "The Nutcracker" during the holidays.

* Visit the Biltmore House.

* Learn to play the flute again.

* Grow old gracefully. But with spirit.

* Nurture friendships with other women. Spend time with my friends.

* Keep my kitchen clean.

* Have a front porch with rocking chairs. And maybe a swing.

* Be present. Now.

* Own a vacation home at the beach.

* Take care of my mother as she ages.

* Get new bedroom furniture.

* Visit Italy.

* Take an Alaskan cruise.

* Take a trip with no itinerary.

* Learn to play the guitar.

* Take a cake decorating class. Or two.

* "... the rest is still unwritten."


Kathy said...

Hey! We see the Nutcracker at the Peace Center every Christmas. Even Teagan has seen it 3 times!!! I prefer the International Ballet one.
This year, I'll buy an extra ticket and you can cross that off your list! OR we can completely leave Dave out (who only goes because I FORCE him) and make it a girls thing. I can keep all my normal traditions - dressing up, dinner at Soby's, but I (hopefully) won't have to hear all the WHINING!

Dawn said...

That sounds like a GREAT idea! :-D