Friday, October 19, 2007

"Tomorrow might be good for something ..."

Friday! I know I say it every other time I'm here, but damn. Time flies.


I saw this one coming from a mile away: Amy Winehouse: Arrested, Fined In Norway Drug Bust. But after reading the details, I'm SHOCKED. There was no crack pipe? No crystal meth to be found! It's scandalous, don't you agree?

In other useless news, Britney (or as one of my favorite gossip websites likes to call her, "Unfitney" ... love it!) ran over the foot of a paparazzi yesterday just after she got her lips blown up with collagen. And once again, she left the scene of "the accident". Somebody needs to tell her that she won already. Forever and always, her name will be synonymous with "Crazy Bitch". The contest is closed.


Homecoming at Clemson tomorrow ... hopefully the little team from Central Michigan will play nice and let the Tigers win. Emilie and Jud have game tickets, and it looks like it'll be a nice day for some football fun.


We are in the final countdown for BABY here at the castle. Brandy says she can't imagine much more. She's not sleeping well, and her feet are being a pain in her ... uh, feet. They are swelling a lot, and I can understand how that would be no fun if you're having to dress in a professional manner and go to work all day. That, and the whole "I can't bend over anymore" thing. I know it's miserable. And even though she feels like it'll be soon, I know it won't FEEL like it's soon to her ... even if the baby comes next week. Those last few weeks of being pregnant felt like months and months.

When I was pregnant with Emilie, I was certain that labor was only hours away in mid-October. On Halloween, my mother-in-law showed up at my house, saying, "There's a full moon tonight! Get in my truck, we're going to find us a bumpy dirt road ... you're having that baby TONIGHT!" And I'm so stupid, I got in her truck. Oh, the bumpy road when you're carrying an almost-10-pound baby. That's probably the reason RIGHT THERE that I needed a "bladder hammock" last year.

And Emilie was born on November 4th.

Hang in there, Brandy. (And call me if you want to find a bumpy dirt road on Halloween. There's a full moon! Whooo!)


Are you watching The Office on NBC every week? If not, you should be.

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