Monday, October 29, 2007

"Yesterday's been laid to rest ..."

How was your weekend?

Mine was alright. I spent money. Cooked. Cleaned. And now it's Monday again. If memory serves, tomorrow it'll be Saturday once more. That's just how fast my weeks are going.

On Friday, I did the majority of the money-spendin'. Had to go by Whole Foods for my yogurt ... it's been weeks since the Publix near my house has had Fage in stock. I found one lone little carton on Friday, and they had marked the damn price up 20 cents, from $1.79 to $1.99! Those bastards. I'll be getting them at Whole Foods from now on, where they've always charged $1.69.

And I bought a crib! I'm having more fun preparing for the arrival of Miss Li'l Bit than I did when my own babies were on the way. I guess that's because we have more money now. Hell, when I think back to the pitiful array of supplies I pulled together when Adam was born, there's no comparison. We used Jimmy's old crib and mattress, I had an old "infant seat" that my Mom used for Sister Laura, and whatever clothes he had were gifts or hand-me-downs. And there weren't a lot of those. I remember I bought 2 crib sheets, a couple of receiving blankets, and a crib mobile that were "brand new". I also bought a plastic changing table ... because I found one marked down to $24.95. My sister threw me a little baby shower a few weeks before Adam arrived, and that's where the car seat came from, if I remember right. Most of those supplies were used for Miss Emilie too. Although Emilie lucked out in the clothing department, since Jimmy's "rich" uncle had a baby girl 2 years beforehand, and they were generous with the hand-me-downs.

Proof that it doesn't take "things" to raise good kids, I guess ... but I sure am having fun shopping for my granddaughter.


If it weren't for the Internet, I'd have no idea the World Series happened this year, and that Boston won it yesterday. Thank GOD for the Internet, huh?


I've had my little space heater on already, and it won't be long before I'm forced to turn on the "real" heat. I think there's a possibility for frost tonight. (Note to self: Bring in the Christmas Cactus!) It's CRAZY to think that by the end of the week, it'll be November. Last time I blinked, it was March, wasn't it?


Thanks Jimmy, for working so hard to get that damn guest room painted and finished up this weekend. Maybe we'll be in Assisted Living before it needs it again.

Kathy, Mary, & Melissa: You're good friends. Only good friends will fake an interest in irritable bowel stories. (And then they gag when you look the other way. Heh.) Love you!


Plenty to do today, and I should get started!

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