Friday, August 10, 2007

"Those flashing lights come from everywhere ..."

In today's "Dawn's Latest Drama" segment:

As predicted by me and my awesome Google skillz, Dr. Bour confirmed yesterday that I am the proud owner of an "internal hernia". Niiice. It certainly explains the off-and-on pain I've had since July 22nd.

Basically, it means my bowel is showing up in places it's not welcome. The changes made to my intestines during the gastric bypass surgery last year have made it possible for my bowel to get kinked and slip in and out of "empty pockets" in my belly where there used to be fat. This is a very rare complication of the surgery, and one that could potentially cause major problems ... left untreated, I could have a bowel obstruction. Uhhh ... no, thank you.

So I'm waiting to hear from the surgery scheduler today. I trust my doctor, and he says he can fix it.

No worries.

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