Monday, August 27, 2007

"Someone said count your blessings now ..."

Let's talk about me, shall we?

Surgery went well last Tuesday. The hospital actually called to see if I could rush over there, about an hour earlier than I was scheduled. (I think Dr. Bour cancelled someone else's surgery.) We rushed, and I was in and out by 4 PM. The first day home was fairly easy, thanks to the drugs I had in the hospital. At the time, I thought I was "in pain", laying there in my bed on Tuesday evening. Hah!

The pain started on Wednesday, and didn't leave again until mid-Saturday. It was bad. And I'm usually a trooper (I think), as long as I have my oxycodone. I stayed medicated, but this pain was constant, with periods of "You Think THAT Was Pain, Missy??" thrown in for good measure. I called the surgeon's office on Friday, afraid to let the weekend begin without checking to make sure this was normal. They said it most certainly wasn't, and asked me to get over there before they closed on Friday.

So he felt around and looked concerned. And told me he had no idea what was going on. He sent me home with three new drugs, and asked me to call if things got worse. And the plan was to go back for a CT scan Monday to see what was causing the hurt. Only on Saturday, it just stopped.

I felt, all day Saturday, like I had been in a really good exercise session ... you know, the kind of sore you feel after a big workout. But nothing like the breath-stopping, take-God's-name-in-vain, tears-in-my-eyes PAIN I'd been having. Sunday felt even better.

I'll call the office today and leave a message, telling them I'm fine. And I'll go in on Thursday for my post-op appointment, and hopefully he can tell me what he thinks was going on. Last summer, when I had so many complications after surgery, he called me their "enigma". I have a feeling the nickname will still apply.


Beach Countdown begins in earnest today. 19 more days! I laid awake half the night, making lists in my head ... I need to get some started on paper so that won't happen again. Man, I hope we have good weather that week. I can't wait to get there!

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