Monday, May 08, 2006

"Monday, Monday - can't trust that day ... "

The weekend was over in a flash, was it not?

Saturday, we had the most gorgeous weather known to man. The sky was bluest blue, the air was clear, and the temps were perfect. We spent a couple of hours at the storage building, going through Grandma F's things. Adam came to help, and we ended up filling both trucks with things for Goodwill. We left some things we want to go through, and some things we don't want to get rid of, and called it done for now.

Jimmy had a major itch to get on the road to NC ... a motorcycle was calling his name. He ended up buying it, and I guess I'll have to drive him up there tomorrow so he can bring the darn thing home. It really is a pretty bike, and he seems almost like a kid ... he's so excited and happy with his purchase.

We actually took a walk after dinner on Saturday. And the world didn't end!

On Sunday, the Weather God said, "Forget that!" We woke to dark skies, falling temps, wind, and rain. Actually, another variety of perfect weather in my book. Perfect, in that you don't feel guilty for snuggling in bed, or on the couch, and watching Lifetime movies all day. We watched a Netflix movie, and sat side by side, with our laptops, under the comforter for most of the day. Ahhhh ... two geeks on a loveseat.

Adam flew off to Philadelphia for the week ... hope all is well there!

Brandy came over Sunday evening, and brought "Brokeback Mountain". Jimmy ran upstairs so as not to accidentally see or hear even a second of the movie. It was actually good ... not as spectacular as I've heard some say ... but good. The scenery was gorgeous, the music was beautiful, and Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhoweveryouspellit were gorgeous AND beautiful.

Emilie is doing well ... she sounds happier than ever when she calls to say hi. :-)

And now you're updated! Don't you feel better?

Oh! And I'm not as miserably hungry as I was the last time I wrote. I'm getting this whole "drink all day, only one meal" thing under control! I dreamed last night I binged on candy, and Jimmy came home and found all the wrappers ... he was so mad at me. Bad dream. But I had a beautiful bathroom ... where I ran to hide in embarrassment ... which proves it WAS a dream after all.

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