Monday, May 22, 2006

"Hold this thread as I walk away ..."

101 Optifasts down, 4 to go.

I am so good at denial. I have not yet fully realized that tomorrow I will have only clear liquids, and the next day I will be under anesthesia. I guess it'll hit me when I smell the hospital.


Quiet weekend ... you? Jimmy spent all his time with his new love. When he wasn't out riding the motorcycle, he was tinkering on it, washing it, sitting on it, or looking at it. Then he would come inside, sit with his laptop, and READ about it.

Oh, and he made 23 burritos out of leftovers for next week.

I cleaned the house on Saturday. On Sunday, I lazed around. Enjoyed "The Sopranos" so much last night ... when Carmela was in Paris, I knew exactly how she felt and what she was thinking. I've been to the same place in my head before. And then you have to wake up and do the laundry. (It's just a TV show, Dawn!)

I made Ricotta-stuffed shells and salad for dinner last night, but I ate 4 ounces of leftover steak and salad. It's hard for me to believe that I stuck to the pre-op diet for 3 weeks with not ONE cheat. As of last week, I had lost 11 pounds. I don't feel as if I've lost anymore this week, for some reason ... but I'll be officially weighed tomorrow when I go for my last Nutrition class.


The hippies won "The Amazing Race", Aras won "Survivor ... so who will win "American Idol"? I can't decide if Taylor is retarded or sexy ... but I think he's got it in the bag. Now I have to wait until July until "Big Brother" begins. "Hi, my name is Dawn and I'm a reality TV-aholic."


Big, happy congratulations to our nephew, Paul. He graduated from high school last Friday! Whoo hooo!

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