Friday, November 09, 2007

"My mind is on the blink ..."

Just a quick update ...

Baby, Mom, and Dad are all doing just great. Although Mom and Dad are especially tired. Li'l Bit is in the hospital room with them 24/7, which leaves very little time for rest. I'm going to try my best to convince Adam to take a few hours and go home to lay down today. He's "resting" in a chair that pretends to be a bed ... for what looks to me like an average of 3.2 minutes at a time. He admitted yesterday that his back was hurting.

(Her name will continue to be "L'il Bit" for blog purposes, in keeping with her Mom and Dad's blogging anonymity. Yes, I know I've used their real names here ... and they never yelled at me about it. But I plan to respect their wishes on the baby name matter. Besides, if you're a family or a friend, you already know it. And if not, pretend her name is L'il Bit ... at least until another nickname sticks.)

She's beyond beautiful. And I swear I'm not saying that using my "Grandma Eyes". She really is. And I had totally forgotten how soft a baby's skin is. She is totally edible.

As of last night, she was working hard to frustrate everybody ... she's hungry, and getting quite impatient for her Mama's milk to come in. The hospital's lactation specialist came in late yesterday afternoon with a temporary solution ... a complicated tube system that allows the baby to nurse, which stimulates the milk production; and at the same time allows the baby to drink a small amount of formula, to fill her belly up. After the first go-round with this set-up, L'il Bit was one happy camper. She laid on her back and stared at the world with happy thoughts for about an hour. She even got the hiccups.

Emilie came home last night, and reported that the next try didn't go quite as smoothly, but hopefully during the night they had better luck. I know it's frustrating.

Especially when the whole "tired" thing is still so new.

I'm so proud of my kids, I can't even tell you.

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Amy said...

Oh my, I remember those days. It is so hard as a new mom when things like this happen, you feel like such a failure, it took me a long time to realize that was NOT true at all. The specialist ended up getting me to go get some natural herbs from GNC to make mine come in fast. Please give them all hugs for me and if you all need anything please let me know. And I can say you are 100% correct, she is beautiful!!!!