Saturday, November 10, 2007

"It's getting better all the time ..."

Happy to report that Friday was a good day for the new family. At least that's what they tell me ... they still seem awfully worn out to me!

But it was a quiet, low-key kind of day, and they rested in between L'il Bit's mealtimes.

Best news of all: When she nursed at about 6:30 PM, she did so without the help of "The Boob Tube" (as her Daddy had started calling it)! Don't know if the trend continued, since I left before the next feeding ... but I have my fingers crossed that they didn't have to mess with that anymore last night.

Did she get MORE precious and beautiful on Friday? Why, yes. Yes, she did!


In other news:


Well, imagine that. There IS no other news in my world.


Planning for Homecoming today, where hopefully Brandy and Adam can relax and get some more rest. I'm headed over there in a bit to run the vacuum and put some dinner in the crock pot for them.

Happy Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

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