Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"If I had it all ..."

It feels so weird to sit in front of the computer and type again. I'm thinking if I ever do win the lottery and buy my oceanfront house, I won't even need a computer.

Did you miss me?

St. George Island ... how nice was that? Small, quaint, and not too crowded, despite the fact it was the weekend following July 4th. It was hot, to be sure. But the heat didn't really bother me, and besides ... there was an ocean breeze that would knock you down on Monday. The wind was calmer on Tuesday, and it did feel like July in Florida. The air conditioner worked well though, and there was a pool in which to splash. No problem.

So enjoyable was the time with Jimmy's brother, Michael; his wife, Patti; and their family (including Patti's ex-husband, his current wife and kids!). Not many families can pull that stunt off ... but they do, and they make it look easy. I hope their kids realize how lucky they are with that arrangement.

Good food, good beer, good people. And there was beach sand, too. Can't beat that.

I can't wait until it's our turn in September!


Jimmy said...

Hmmm, what's up with this blog? No comments since June 1st???

Just thought I would mention the coolest thing I experienced on this little vacation. Dawn didn't mention the sparkly sand at midnight, the night before we left. She sat down at the edge of the water while we were enjoying a really dark night walk and the sand lit up with sparkles all around her! It was really a cool thing to see. If you dug in the sand, the wet sand sparkled with bioluminescence. The pressure of my feet as I stepped on the sand would cause faint sparkles around my foot! Dawn sat there for 15 minutes just digging in the sand watching the sparkles in the dark. It was something I had never seen, ever before in Florida. I had seen this happen in Puerto Rico, but there it was much much brighter than this. This little light show along with all the stars that were visible, along with the sounds of the gentle surf made a really unique and pleasant memory of our St. George Island visit.

Amy said...

Checking in....... wow, check you out on the beach. I am so happy for you. Hope you guys had a nice trip. I have never been to St. George Island, but maybe I need to visit, looks much nicer than Myrtle Beach. Glad you had a nice time.