Thursday, July 19, 2007

"But all the colors mix together - to grey ..."

Ugh. Another case of "Blogger's Block" here. They're coming far too often lately, mixed in with thoughts of "Why don't you just stop it altogether?" ... eh. It's totally turned into a "What I Did Today" sort-of thing anyway. Yawn. Sorry.


I'm waiting on a 2nd quote from some carpet people ... to compare to the EIGHT. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. that the first carpet people want to re-do the floors in our house (minus the kitchen and guest room). I have a feeling the second quote will be even higher. *sigh*


The Happy Announcement has been made ... it's a GIRL! We are more than thrilled and excited. And I'm trying hard not to buy everything I see in pink. Em and I are in the beginning stages of planning a baby shower for early October. Sounds like lots of girly fun ahead! I feel as if I never get to see the parents-to-be anymore. They're so busy with jobs and other projects ... and I guess me being in Columbus for a month didn't help matters much either. But that's another reason I'm counting the hours until ...

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