Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"You wouldn't listen if I talked anyway ..."

Having trouble making myself heard lately ... makes me feel powerless and out of control of my own life.

I guess it takes practice to be succesfully assertive.

And I guess I pretty much suck at it.


Today was more Christmas shopping, and a visit with Grandma F. She was upset because the exterminators were busy at Shady Acres today ... and worked on her room while she was at lunch. Only they didn't finish in time and she had to sit in the hall while they did. She was all out of sorts because they had opened her windows, moved her refrigerator and furniture, and took TOO long. I just kept telling her she was alright ... over and over ... until I guess she took my word for it.


Tired. A bit stressed over a new development with Jimmy's job ... still don't even know enough to decide whether or not to be concerned ... but he says, "Don't worry" ... so I won't. He'll be home tomorrow afternoon, a day earlier than planned. With snow forecast for the morning hours, and sleet for the afternoon ... his flight may run into some delays.


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Anonymous said...

Not a clue I would only be at that job for only 4 more years.