Friday, March 26, 2004

"You want it all, but you can't have it ..."

Every time I hear that song, I remember a certain summer at the beach house when all I wanted in the world was a "conversion van". God. To me, it was heaven on earth to imagine the four of us, traveling in style down the highway, in our cushy seats ... watching a VHS tape. Whoo hoo! Anyway, sister Laura (fortified by our usual breakfast cocktail of vodka & whatever else we could find) started singing that song, only she changed the words ... and now when I hear this oldie-but-goodie, I hear Laura singing, "You want a conversion van, but you can't have ittttt". We thought it was hilarious, and it went on for months ... as did all our drunken humor. (Boooots!)

I bet you're wondering what I'm dying to have these days, aren't you? I thought so. You'll probably be shocked to find out that the object of my desire is none other than a VACUUM CLEANER. Go ahead ... laugh. Everybody knows I rarely clean anymore. But I've got such a hankering for a Dyson vacuum, I can hardly stand it. Problem is, I have a hunch that I'd buy it, use it a few times ... and the thrill would be gone. Ain't that the way it always goes?


My birthday was nice ... thank you for the Happy Birthdays. :-) I heard from everyone near and dear to my heart, and Brandy even took me out to dinner. I had crab dip, and flounder stuffed with crab and shrimp. And then I was stuffed. Literally.


Hope everybody enjoys the upcoming weekend. Do something to pamper yourself ... because you mean the world to me!

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Kay said...

A conversion van..heh..thats funny

First of all..what the hell is a Dyson Vacuum?? And if it doesn't turn itself on and scope out all the dust by itself, then I don't want it.

Your birthday dinner sounded yummy. I'm glad you had a great one!

It's only 8:29 in the am and already Beth is delivered up to Columbus State taking her SAT's, and I've gone to two yardsales. Man am I pooped!

Hope your weekend is a good one...I plan on doing absolutely nothing.
xoxo Kay

ps. why does this crazy journal keep asking me if I'm human????