Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"It's all love and good times ..."

It's been so long I don't even know where to begin. Besides that, there's only a couple people out there that even still check in here. So, heyyy you two!

As you well know, my Decembers are usually chock-full of activity, what with the decorating, cooking, and visitors. This past one was no different. Only it might have been a little bit busier. So this blog ... which was already being treated like the redheaded stepchild around here by me ... well, it just fell by the wayside. Lowest priority and all that.

December is quite over.

Happy 2009! I would like to say I'll make a concerted effort to get some regularity back to my posting here. I say that because I know my daughter, all the way off in Wilmington, would like to see an occasional update from home. And now Jimmy is off in Puerto Rico, and he has made it perfectly clear that the ONLY thing he'll miss here in Greenville is our Miss Squish. But still, I bet he'll check here every once in a while for a new photo. So I have a little motivation.

Motivation, I've got. Stuff to write about, not so much. But let's give a December recap a whirl.
The holidays were a whirlwind, as always. But they seemed to include a little bit less stress than in years past. Don't know why. But I did enjoy the majority of December. Yay! (I'm sure my sister-in-law would say "Ahem!" at this point, since my one contact with her was an emergency phone call in tears, needing emotional support to make it through the next hour. Thanks, Patti. xo)

I drove to GA mid-month to get my Mom, for her annual visit ... and spent the night with Laura, Melody, and Baby Etta. Oh Lord, that girl is sweetness!

Back to Greenville, we shuttled Jimmy to the airport for a week in Puerto Rico. We finished shopping, wrapping, and ... uh, I can't remember what else we did that week. On the 18th, Jimmy came home, and that night we got a special visitor. Squish arrived for a special visit while her Mom and Dad took off for Las Vegas. (Their trip is detailed over at Fat Cats Rock, along with better Christmas pictures ... my camera sucks all of a sudden!)

I have to say that Squish's visit WAS my Christmas present. The kids could totally have saved the money they spent on my KitchenAid hand mixer. Because that time in December, when she was here for 4 days, was WONDERFUL! We played, we napped, we made a trip to the mall for new shoes ... and we kissed a lot.

She loved to put Papa's reading glasses on and look cute:

Then she discovered the joy that is wearing Papa's hat:

We played some Peek-A-Boo:

A few hours after her Mom and Dad returned and whisked her back home again, my 2nd round of Christmas visitors arrived ... Sister Kay and Beth on Monday night, Emilie and Allie on Tuesday night, and Josh on Christmas Eve:

It wasn't Christmas for me until THIS came walking in on Christmas night:

Aunt Emilie loves this girl so much ... enough to put up with the Nose-Lovin'. And that stuff HURTS:

Squish came back on the Saturday after Christmas to help say goodbye to all our visitors from Georgia ... and to lay some love on Maggie The Cat. Maggie barely tolerates it, but sometimes I wonder if THIS is the reason Squish likes to come to our house:

Another Spend-The-Night party at Nana and Papa's on New Year's Eve, and thank God. SOMEBODY had to provide the entertainment on New Year's Day during Clemson's terrible performance at the Gator Bowl:

Finally, a smile from Saturday night (1/3/09):

(Now I can say that my MAIN motivation for updating here more often will be so that I never have to include a month's worth of pictures again. Could Blogger make it MORE frustrating to add pictures? I think not.)


Anonymous said...

I check it Dawn cause I miss ya!!!

Anonymous said...

That was from Mary

Emilie said...

SOOOO ADORABLE! I miss you guys so much! That picture of Allie is hilarious too, she just has the goofiest look. I hope I get to see you soon. Plan a trip!

Rebecca said...

I'm still here too Dawn. I got hooked a long time ago! Miss Squish is too cute!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures, I am so glad that all of you Ford's have finally started updating us (okay, me)without a life. Happy 2009 to you and your family.

Sister Kay said... here's my monthly entry.
All the pictures just made me want to be up there again all together (minus a thing or two).
I love you guys sooooo much!