Friday, November 28, 2008

"Then I take a nap ..."

Scenes From Thanksgiving 2008:

Chaos In The Kitchen

"Oooh, there's Daddy with the camera! Pick me up, Daddy!"

"Pick me upppppp!"

"OK, crying didn't work ... on to Plan B. "

"Hi Daddy!"
"Never mind. Nana'll do it."



Emilie said...

So insanely adorable! I love those little shoes! I can't believe how many teeth she's crazy. I wish I could have been there with you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a baby doll.... can we say that she has the whole family on both sides wrapped?!?!? There is no other way to be :) Looks like you guys had a nice Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had. You are so blessed to have something so precious.

Miss you....

Brandy said...

I think it is time for some Christmas pictures!