Friday, January 09, 2009

"And I laugh at myself while the tears roll down ..."

From Thursday afternoon, for Papa ...

My first attempt at taking a video with my camera, and posting one online, as well ... it took forever to load using Blogger, so I may play around with YouTube later when I have time. The video isn't that great, and while she was fascinated with the book when she found it, you can see from her reaction that it just wasn't that good a read.

Today includes bill-payng, a trip to Publix for baby-eats, since she will be spending the night here tomorrow night (yay!), and hopefully a trip to the consignment store to make a drop-off. I am SO looking forward to tonight ... a Girls Night Out (or In?) at Kathy's ... it's been long while since I've seen everybody. I may have to volunteer to be the designated driver, should we decide to take the show on the road though ... wine hasn't been my friend lately. Bah!


Lunchbox said...

Youtube = bigger video, better quality, faster playback. But, it won't make it any quicker to upload. That's why all my videos are under a minute. ISPs generally give you about 1/10th of your download bandwidth to upload, so it'll take ten times longer to upload than it would to download the same data (in theory). I would still switch to youtube anyway.

Jimmy said...

Not sure I can check these blogs too often, I get too emotional.

Thanks for sharing some of what I missed. And I do really miss it.

Makes this luxurious resort ($200/night motel) I am currently in seem really stupid. I keep thinking of playing with Sarah and to do that I would have to give up on this job. I am just going to have to keep myself really busy so I don't think of it.

Not really a happy state to be in.