Friday, March 07, 2008

"She gives me presents with just her presence alone ..."

Shamed into writing, here I am.

No excuses, unless "February" is admissible as evidence. If you know me at all, you know I can't help the black funk that seems to settle in over my head in the 8 weeks or so that follow the holidays. This year was no different. Well, that's not true. It WAS different. This year, I had a baby to hold every so often. And believe me, that made a HUGE difference.

And now, here we are in March again. I feel the weather changing, even though it's raining today ... and cold. But I know there are sunny days ahead, and it won't be long before it's warm enough to open a few windows around here and let the soft air inside. Ahhh.


So today she is 4 months old. Here's a picture I took yesterday that illustrates the precious way she gets herself to sleep. She wiggles and "growls" and rubs her little face and eyes ... but when those two arms go up near her face, we know she's almost in dreamland. To see her do it in her crib will melt my heart to mush, but yesterday she slept in her bouncy seat. And guess what? My heart melts that way, too.

Yesterday, the kids allowed me to go and get her from daycare in the early afternoon and bring her home with me until dinnertime. I'm hoping that can become a routine, at least temporarily for the next 20 years or so.

My daughter-in-law is working some incredibly long hours right now, which is hard on everybody. It's killing her, I know. Not nearly enough sleep, and working every day for 12 to 15 hours will wear anyone to a nub pretty fast. And my son misses his time with her, that goes without saying. But it's got to be hardest for our Squishy One. She has so little time with her Mama. One more week, guys. Hang in there.

Anyway, I hope that my "Thursday Afternoon With Nana" can be a regular thing ... it'll give her Daddy a break from picking her up one day a week, and he can do whatever he wants for a few hours that day ... and it'll give me some time to have some serious heart-to-heart talks with the most important person in my world.

Apologies if you've seen these pictures on my son's blog or on my MySpace page, but here they are again ... a few shots from her "3 Months Old" photo session ---

I know, right? How could we be more blessed?


Hey! I have a new washer and dryer! Sadly, doing laundry is still just doing laundry. Oh well, it's a little more incentive to (one day soon) start the massive task of cleaning and organizing the laundry room. Oy. That'll hurt.
So, what's new with you?
Is there anyone still out there?
Aw crap. I'm talking to myself. It serves me right.


Mary said...

That is the most adorable and beautiful baby girl ever. And what a Hot Nana

Anonymous said...

I'm still out here! My,my..what a beautiful great neice I have!
Her sleeping position is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I'm so jealous that you can see her and hold her and kiss on her on a regular basis.
Love you all...Kay