Monday, March 10, 2008

"I don't know why they suntan nails ..."

Y'all know I love me some Pearl Jam, right? So the other day, I was wasting time on YouTube, seeing if there might be something there I haven't seen yet. And while I've seen a few funny videos about the unintelligible lyrics to "Yellow Ledbetter", I had not seen this one. Maybe it'll make you laugh like it did me.

My son shared his knowledge of the lyrics of this song with me a few years ago ... he said it really doesn't HAVE lyrics ... the the band was just jamming in the recording studio and Eddie was making things up as he went along. And it really does sound like that's what was going on to me.

You can read the official Wikipedia opinion behind it all by clicking here.

Anyway, the video contains my favorite, as of today, version of the lyrics of that classic song. Heh. "Make me fries."


Our Squishy Girl had another immunization for her 4-month birthday on Friday. And then she had a really rough Saturday. She had a fever and everything. Emilie and I went over to give her lots of love while her Daddy took a flying lesson and her Mama was getting some work done. I was glad to hear that on Sunday she was feeling a little bit better.


Other than that, it was a pretty routine weekend around here. Except for the fact that a whole HOUR went missing sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Ugh. Although I do love the fact that it's light outside at 7:30 PM now.

Em and I shopped a little bit on Sunday. We hit Babies R Us, Target, and Off Broadway Shoes. I came home with 3 big bags of baby stuff ... including a few things for an Easter basket, and a Bumbo seat. I was able to score the attachable play tray for the front ... I got the last one at Target. The lady at Babies R Us told me they were unable to get anymore trays. It certainly looks as if they available online through Target though. I'm beginning to get a bad taste in my mouth for Babies R Us. Every single piece of clothing I liked, I could not find in the size I needed. Bah!

We grilled some burgers for dinner last night, and they were quite tasty. It's going to take me until the end of summer to learn to cook properly on our new grill though.


Best News Of The Weekend: Sisters Laura and Melody are expecting a baby in late-November/early-December! :-D <-- that's my face.


Off and running on another week ... hope you and yours have a good one.


Anonymous said...

How exciting your going to be an Auntie!!!!! I have missed you:-)
Can't wait to see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Potato wave :)