Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"I think I'm moving, but I go nowhere ..."

Monday was a semi-productive day around here. I worked a bit upstairs, getting the bathrooms cleaner. Also moved some dust around in the bedrooms, and ran the Dyson. Go, me.

I also caught up, a tiny bit, on a few of my DVR'd TV-watching. One of the things I watched was "The Real Housewives of New York City", and ... yuck. So far, that pretentious gang only makes me miss the gals from OC. At least the OC Housewives aren't trying so hard to be something they're not. They are perfectly happy with their weekends at Lake Havasu, cocktails with the girls at the strip mall, and planning their next "cosmetic procedure". The NY women are frightening with their teeth bared at anyone who might stand in the way of that social ladder they want to climb so badly. (Grammar lessons, anyone?) Eh, I'll still watch the season ... if only to hate.

Today, I hope, will contain more of the same. Downstairs, and minus the DVR-watching. For some reason, I always dread cleaning the lower level of the house more than the top one. The kitchen, maybe? I need to clean the fireplace again today too. Fun times.

But first, I'm out of here to run a few errands: post office, grocery store, dry cleaner, and the frame shop. I am dying to see the pictures of Squishy ... I had 3 of the "3 Months Old" pictures matted and framed together. I'm sure it'll take half the day to decide where to hang it.

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