Friday, December 08, 2006

"There's something wrong with the world today ..."

... I don't know what it is. (Amen, Aerosmith.)

I understand that a lot of Americans are totally focused on "Celebrity News", whatever that is. Magazines like People and Us Weekly are packed with fascinating peeks into the lives of role models (ahem) like Nicole Richey, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and her new best friend who needs panties for Christmas. I will even admit to reading a little bit of the stuff every day online from my favorite Hollywood gossip site. (That's how I knew Britney needed panties. And a swift kick in the ass.)

But y'all. Damn. The other night, I had the local 6pm news on in the background while I finished up wrapping gifts. I stopped, mid-wrap, when I heard our local "journalist" announce the breaking news that .............. are you sitting down? ...............


Please, someone explain to me how this is "news". They are 2 very ordinary actors who have dated each other for a few years ... and their breakup is announced on the Greenville, SC local news hour? As I listened to the news anchor give the heartbreaking details to the people in Greenville County, I started to wonder if our celebrity obsession had gone a couple of steps too far. I mean, come ON. They weren't married, they didn't have kids, they've done nothing newsworthy ... they broke up.

The moment when I KNEW it had gone 'round the bend ... the anchorwoman used the term "Vaughn-iston". God save us.


Sorry for the incredibly long breaks between updates around here. I've been trying to get a lot accomplished before my surgery next week. I've done all my gift-shopping, I've decorated the castle, and I've done a lot of "getting rid of". I've donated a ton of stuff to local charity, and organized drawers and closets. Feels really good!

Jimmy has taken on the job of painting ... gotta save those dollars for motorcycle stuff, ya know. So, 2 months later, one bedroom is done. He hasn't realized it yet, but he'll finish a 2nd one before our Christmas guests arrive. It took awhile, but I think I've resigned myself to the fact that this will take forever, and I won't get my new carpet for another 5 years or so, if things continue at this rate. But he does do a really good job with the painting. He's just slower than molasses on a winter day.

He also complicates things for himself. The other night, he was in the attic, putting the insulation over the attic fan. And then all of a sudden, there was a huge hole in the ceiling with his ass (or some other body part, I don't know) sticking through. I wanted to cry ... it feels like our house will NEVER look they way I want it to, and now the ceiling in the hallway is gone. But I took a deep breath, swallowed hard, and accepted the fact that, even though it will take MONTHS, he WILL repair it. (I've made myself get tears in my eyes now, just typing that. ARRRRGHHHHHH I want a nice house!!!!)


Went to Clemson yesterday to help Em get her stuff packed up. We worked all afternoon, and ended up with a couple garbage bags full of trash, 4 garbage bags for charity donation, and my car loaded down with the stuff she's moving back home with. The only belongings left in her apartment are a bed, a bookshelf, 2 TV stands, a bedside table, and a floor lamp. We'll go down at some point on Saturday to get that.

After we worked, we went to dinner with Jud in Anderson and had a quick, but very nice visit. I got to meet Allie, the cutest puppy EVER. She even showed me the tricks she's learned ... she can play dead, roll over, and shake already! She's precious.


So anyway ... today I have 2 pre-op appointments ... one at the hospital, and one with the gynecologist. Surgery is set for Wednesday at 8 AM. I've got a trillion things to do between now and then. Wish me luck.


Rest in peace, little Beamer. Thanks for all the smiles you brought to my face over the last several years, buddy. Laura and Melody, I love you both ... and wish I could ease your pain.

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Amy said...

Wow..... you guys are busy. I am sure that your house is beautiful and hey...... family and friends understand about maybe not getting everything done that you wanted to. I mean, we all do it. I don't think that anyone's house is perfact, but some how we like to give our family and friends the illusion (sp?) that it is always perfact. Come on, we are normal people, we don't have a maid, butler and cook, we have to do it all. So I say the heck with it and enjoy Christmas, family and friends!!!! I do not know Laura and Melody..... but I heard about Beamer and Roxy from the Hotness and I am so sorry, I know this is very hard!!!