Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'll just have an Earl Grey tea ..."

Once I got rolling yesterday, there was no stopping. Good grief.

In addition to the 2 appointments, which took HOURS ... we exchanged a Christmas gift on Woodruff Road. One word: TRAFFICFROMHELL. We ate lunch at Strossner's (yum). We went to an auto parts store so that Jimmy could get a new trailer hitch ball thingie for his truck. He's going to borrow the neightbor's trailer to get all of Em's stuff home in one trip today. We bought paint for Adam's old room at the Sherwin-Williams store. And we ended up at Sam's Club to get a few supplies and Christmas food for the masses. (Few Things From Sam's = over $200. Every time.) We got home at dinnertime, unloaded the car, ate leftovers, and stopped for the day.

Today I am seeing yet another new hairstylist. In my never-ending quest to have hair that looks "normal", I am trusting another stranger to do the right thing. The anxiety has already set in.

Before I go, I will work for an hour at my new job. I'm now working at home, answering phone calls for a national teleservices company. Right now I'm taking orders for just about everything you might see on TV that's offered with a 1-800 number, including Tempur-pedic mattresses, AARP health and auto insurance info, Natural Cures books, and Wild Party Girls dvds, to name just a few. Oh, the humanity. After the holidays, I'lll train for another project ... maybe Sears Home Repair or Pro Flowers. I love the abilty to work when I want to, and while I'm wearing my PJ pants. And I'm sitting down the whole time! Whoo.


Almost time for the weekly phone call to my Mom. And the day begins. Y'all have a good one.

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Amy said...

Sounds like our days..... busy busy busy. Sounds like you got yourself a fun little job. You getting LB Wild Party Girls DVD's for Christmas, ha ha ha, just kidding. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!