Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Wish we were kids again ... my sister, my friend ..."

Good news via the telephone just now -- my sister doesn't have cancer! (Insert big sigh of relief here, maybe a few grateful tears, too.) She does have Sarcoidosis in her lungs, but knowing that there is no malignancy there is the best thing I've heard in a long long time. I'll be reading up on Sarcoidosis, and I'm sure it'll be a struggle for her to deal with ... but no chemo or radiation treatments. So relieved.


Emilie is still in Upstate NY with her friend, Jud. Haven't heard from her since her plane landed on Friday night. I'm trusting that all is well, and she is probably dreading having to come home to the real world again in a few days. Her Dad, on the other hand, is obsessing over WHY we haven't heard from her. I'm figuring she's happy and enjoying every minute ... he's figuring she's bound with duct tape and wandering the woods alone somewhere. *sigh* There is no cell phone service at the lake house, so I truly didn't expect to hear from her, but I did tell her to please call home collect if she needed to. It feels really weird to be the "NOT WORRIED" one, while Jimmy frets.


Not much to write about lately. It's hot as hay-ull outside, and just the thought of it makes me cranky. I don't know how Adam drives home from work every day in his un-air conditioned truck. I know it could be worse ... as I sit here, in cool comfort, with ceiling fans in every room. But I really do hate summer, if I can't be near the ocean, or a nice, private swimming pool. And really, when's THAT gonna happen?? Grrrrr.


Eye doctor tomorrow, then Dr. Bour on Friday. I've been having a sharp pain in my left side for about a week ... hopefully Dr. Bour will tell me it's residual muscle pain from the chest tube. It just seems odd that it would be this painful over a month after I had the chest tube in. It's in that spot, and feels sharp and uncomfortable when I take a deep breath in ... especially when sneezing or yawning. Roseanne Roseannadanna was right. "It's always somethin'."

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