Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"I guess there's got to be a break in the monotony ..."

Went to GA for the weekend, and didn't get home until late late late on Sunday night. The worst part was riding in Jimmy's truck for over 4 hours. Oh, my butt.

The trip's purpose was to provide support and love to Michael and Patti, deliver Adam's old queen-size bed to our niece Beth, and to try to help my mother-in-law (Nena) understand why she can't go "home" when she leaves the nursing home next week. Saturday was a nightmare as she cried and ranted and name-called ... and in every way, proved exactly WHY she shouldn't go home. But on Sunday, she seemed more accepting of her reality. I really hope that behavior continues.

Don't know how successful we were at the providing support and love part ... there is never enough damn time when we go for the weekend.

The plan is to make the trip again this coming weekend. We'll be helping get her moved into her new "independent living studio apartment", and taking Emilie's old full-size mattress and box springs for Nena to use. Not looking forward to another trip so soon (see above: Oh, my butt.).


My favorite moment of the weekend:

We took my Mom to eat dinner at the restaurant where my niece and nephew work. Beth was hostessing that night, so I walked up to her, smiling and expecting a hug. I stood right in front of her, she looked up -- and I could tell by looking into her eyes that she really and truly DID NOT RECOGNIZE ME!!! How freakin' surreal was that?! It took only a few seconds before she realized, and I did get my hug, but WOW, that was weird.


Have y'all seen that Ok Go video on the treadmills ... "Here It Goes Again"? I love that! Talk about making me feel uncoordinated though.


Note for Amy:

Girl, I ain't no grammar or typo police! :-)


Anonymous said...

Aw.. I love you Aunt Dawn. I really admire you for how brave you've been. I'm glad you are doing well, and I miss you terribly! ****
Love, Beth

Amy said...

Wow...... know I know where AJ and Brandy get it from. All of you are always busy.
I bet that was awesome when Beth didn't even notice that was you. How great, I am so happy for you.