Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"We all falter, but does it matter? ..."

Wow. Our non-English-speaking neighbor just kicked his wife out the back door ... in English, no less. Complete with a spit in her general direction.

We're under the impression that she cheated on him, based on the sounds traveling in our open bathroom window. So much for privacy.


Speaking of privacy ... Jimmy's goal for the night is to complete our tax return, and he's about to open an artery in there, attempting to remember the freaking PASSWORD with which he locked the incomplete return a few weeks ago. Why, you might ask, would he bother to password it, when it's on our home hard drive? Turns out that's exactly what he's yelling at this very moment in time. Gonna be a long night. *sigh*


Last night was my third pre-op support group meeting. The psychologist talked to us about relaxation techniques to relieve stress. Were you aware that if you can roll your eyes up so that only the whites of your eyes show, it's a good sign that you can be easily hypnotized? I learn something new every day. I am not easily hypnotized, but I did enjoy the 15-minute relaxation session he talked us through.

After that, one of the nutritionists on staff talked about the different phases our diets will go through after surgery.

For me, the best part of the meeting was FINALLY meeting a girl I've been e-mailing with for the last month. Her name is Melissa, and her surgery is a week from today. (I'm jealous.) She is as sweet in person as she is in E-mail. We swapped phone numbers, and I'm planning to go by and see her at the hospital next Wednesday.

I called the insurance company last Thursday, and found out that my pre-determination packet had not been submitted. I then called Kim at Dr. Bour's office. (Kim is the program coordinator/insurance guru.) She said they were STILL waiting on Dr. Russell's dictation to come back from his transcriptionist. She said it would probably be back to them this week. Then last night, I found out that Kim is on vacation this week ... so I'm probably hoping in vain that my packet will go anywhere this week. Aaaarrrghhhh!!!


brandy said...

English Mutha....
Do you speak it?

Ahhh, Dawn on Alcohol....priceless...

p.s., i'm not fond of your neighbors. He probably kicked her out of the house for showing too much ankle in public. If she cheated on him, he probably would have killed her. That is what they do to cheating women in their country yet they are allowed to have 10 wives! That whole culture just angers me to no end.

p.s.s. - In case you didn't know, her neighbors are from India. They ride camels to work.

Dawn said...


Are they Indian? I have no idea ... I just know they are swarthy, Middle Eastern types who, when they talk, sound like Osama Bin Laden.

Am I profiling? I think I am.

No comment on the "Dawn on alcohol" thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is this the same neighbor that you had 'words' with in his driveway last summer? Shame SHE couldn't have kicked HIM out!

xoxo Kay