Tuesday, November 18, 2003

"So why you, why you, why you, why you, why you ..."

As completely exhausted as I am tonight ... and I am, completely exhausted ... I can't help but perk up a bit when I hear that "Hey Ya" song, which I love so much that I ... must ... shake it like a Polaroid pic-cha! SHAKE IT! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT! Ahem.

Oh Lord, my kids are both rolling their eyes as they read that. Heh.


I hurt myself at work today ... my elbow bent the wrong way when I was trying to lift something far too heavy, far too high. Duh. Nobody cared much. But it made me cry ... more out of being too tired than anything else. And I was really trying hard NOT to cry at work. I stayed an hour and a half longer than I said I was. Duh again. THAT won't be happening tomorrow. 8 hours, maybe 8-and-a-half ... then I'm out of there.

I'm thinking that if the cashier training doesn't happen soon, I won't be able to hang in there. This physical crap is killing me. :-(


Already getting fired up for this weekend's game between Clemson and University of South Carolina. In preparation, I think I'll share a few jokes that Adam sent to me in e-mail.

Q: What do you have if three Gamecocks are buried up to their necks in cement?
A: Not enough cement.

Q: What does an average Gamecock football player get on his SATs?
A: Drool.

Q. What do you call a Gamecock in a 3 piece suit?
A. The defendant.

Q: How many USC freshmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: None - it's a sophomore course.

Haha ... more tomorrow. :-)


Outside My House Today:
High: 73
Low: 56


Thought For Today:
"You might be a Gamecock if:
Your Gamecock vanity plates were made by your ex-roommate."


Emilie said...

You will make it! It's not too much longer and you can do it!!!!
Well yeah, I slept through my presentation this morning. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I feel like I'm losing it with that class, and my cognitive psych class. I got a C on that test I took last week. My overall grade in there right now is like a 78.7 so I'm thinking if I can manage a B on the final that I can get a B in the class. Not sure though, and I'm not sure I can manage a B on the final. Okay so I slept through my presentation this morning and woke up at 9:30. I had a meeting with my cognitve lab teacher to talk about my presentation that's tomorrow at 10:00 and I got there at 10:15 and he wasn't there. So I guess I'm gonna come back during his regular office hours which start at 2:00 today to talk to him about that stuff because I really need help because basically I don't know what the heck I'm doing. So if I can hang in there, I KNOW you can! :)
Oh and the posters that I made for my presentation were laying on my floor next to my bookbag last night so I wouldn't forget them this morning, and this morning I noticed that there's big smears where I dropped water on them after washing my hands 8 billion times last night. So maybe it's a good thing that I missed the presentation because my posters would have sucked. So now I have to go buy more poster board and make new posters. Hmmmm, fun. Oh and yesterday, I fell asleep on the floor. Yes on the floor in the middle of the living room next to the door to the porch that was open. I just had a tiny little pillow and a tiny little blanket and nothing else. And I slept for like an hour. Then I went to the library with Jud to work on my presentation and we ended up staying there until 11:30 because he was working on some really hard homework. But anyway....
Matt lives in Greenville right now with his parents. He went to USC for like a year I think, and then decided that he didn't like it, and came back to go to Greenville Tech. He's hoping to transfer to Middle Tennessee sometime soon.
Jud mentioned last night that we should go fish tank shopping for me on Friday, but I don't know if I have enough money to buy all the crap that goes with it. But it would be pretty to look at. That's another thing I have to do, balance my checking stuff.
Okay well I guess I'm gonna go see if my teacher happens to be in office right now because that would be great. But he probably won't be.
Alrighty, I'll talk to you later! I love you very much, and you're gonna make it! I know you will! And then you'll start to like it!
Love, Emilie :)

Dawn said...

Well, ya goofball. I'm assuming you'll get another chance to do the presentation you slept through. Hope that you finally caught up with your cognitive lab teacher ...sounds like you had a crazy day today. :-(

Hope your time with Matt is fun! And you could at least check out the prices on the fish tank supplies ... at least then you'll know what it all costs.

Sorry I'm short on words ... so tired and discouraged here, even with your sweet words of encouragment. I love you so much!