Wednesday, November 12, 2003

"She works hard for the money ..."

You came to the right place if you're in the mood to listen to some complaining.

I'm tired. No, really ... so very tired. The heavy shelves, the boxes that eat my cuticles, the rugs that weigh more than I do ... oh, and I almost forgot the walking. The never-ending walking. We put things on the shelves, only to be told an hour later that the shelves are 3 inches too high and everything needs to be redone. We unload trucks and price every single piece of merchandise at breakneck speed, only to be told that we need to be faster. We're told we can go home "when the work is done". It's all completely demoralizing.

It seems that everyone there is feeling quite discouraged and worked to death. I feel so sorry for the tiny lady that hangs out with me ... her 53rd birthday is Friday, and due to a divorce and some crazy bad luck, she is working at B1g L0ts after spending 18 years as an assistant bank manager. She says she couldn't find work in any Greenville bank! Today we both admitted to each other that we go home and cry every day after work. At least I'm not alone.

I keep telling myself that it will all be over soon ... the store is supposed to open on Nov. 24th. Although I overheard the district manager today saying he doubted that we'd be ready. If they'd hire some people who KNOW how to set a store up, I bet it'd be done a whole lot faster.

I just don't know how many more days of this I have in me.

As Laura likes to say, "Call 1-800-WaaWaaWaa-WaaWaaWaaWaa."


Love you guys. :-)


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Emilie said...

You WILL make it!
I just have to leave you a note to tell you that no matter how hard it seems, you will make it, and you'll probably end up liking the job after the store is open, and everything is running like a regular store. I know it must be stressful doing all that stuff when nobody knows how to do it. That seems kinda silly, I always thought that they had people come in and set up a store when it was new. But anyway, I know it's easier said than done, but just hang in there and I know everything will be okay. I remember when I first started working at AfterThoughts, I hated it and felt like the manager was looking down my back the whole time, and I felt bad when I did something wrong, and I thought I wasn't ever going to get everything right, but it turned out that I got promoted and it was one of my favorite jobs. So just remember stuff like that and hang in there! :)
I got a random call on my cell phone today from a lady at Safe Harbor wondering if I was still interested in volunteering. I told her yes and she told me that they also have a location in Anderson, and asked if I would rather be at that one because I go to Clemson, so I told her yes that would probably be better. So she's meeting me on campus on Tuesday to interview me. So hopefully that will turn out really well because that will look really good on resumes. And it will help me out a lot I'm sure, since helping other people usually does make me feel better.
Okay well I guess I should be heading to bed now even though I probably won't for a while. Have a good day tommorrow! I love you very much!
Love, Emilie

Dawn said...

Oh Emilie, you probably have no idea how much DIFFERENCE your words made in my day today! I signed online to check e-mail before leaving for work today, and I read your note then. I cried (of course), but then I started smiling. I know what you wrote is the truth, and knowing that you took the time to encourage me made today totally better than yesterday! :-)

I am SUCH a blessed Mom. I love you!

P.S. The lady from Safe Harbor called here too ... I gave her your apartment phone number (she said she didn't have that one), and told me she was meeting with you next week. BEST of luck with that!