Friday, March 13, 2009

"It's too late to apologize ..."

... but I feel really bad and will say that I'm sorry anyway.

My posts here lately have been for Jimmy, to keep him updated on Miss Squish. And Emilie, too. She misses the bug like crazy. They both wait patiently for new pictures and videos, and this week I have failed miserably.

I don't know whether it was because she didn't stop moving or because I can't take my OWN eyes off of here these days ... but for whatever reason, I didn't take a single picture yesterday.

Hopefully, the new ones posted over at her Daddy's blog will hold you through. I'm sorry.


I will give a recap of "Thursday With Nana" though.

When I picked her up from daycare, I asked her ladies if she was being taught to say "Yummy, yummy" at mealtimes. She had been quite vocal with the "EAT EAT" when she was hungry, and now all of a sudden that's gone. Now when she thinks it's past time for food, she heads over to the high chair, and says, "Yummy yummy!" The ladies all looked puzzled, and said that they had never used that term with the kids, and then one said, "That S(quish)! She's got a really good vocabulary!"

*Proud Nana.*

When we got here, we hung out in the front yard a little while. It was cool and windy, but not too bad. She walked all around and watched the leaves blow in the wind. A kid went down the street, bouncing a basketball ... and she told him loudly what it was called, "BALLLL!"

We came in, she went straight into the laundry room and got a pair of my clogs ... "Shoes!" and tried to wear them. They didn't work too well, but later she had some success with my faux-Danskos.

When she wants to sit in the breakfast room chairs, she says, "Sit!" ... and that means she wants to spin round and round ... "Wheee! Wheee!" When she wants to sit in the recliner, she says "Up", which is also what she says when she wants to be picked up. (Usually the only reason she wants to be picked up is to see whatever I'm working on in the kitchen.)

I bought some "First Crayons" and some blank paper at Walmart this week. First Crayons are bigger around and shaped like triangles, which is supposed to train their fingers to properly hold a pencil or crayon. Whatever. She colored a bit ... and then, while never losing eye contact, she slowly would put one in her mouth. She was watching me closely because she knew I was going to say, "No no!" She did the same trick with her hair clip. She pulls it from her hair, and watches me while it goes straight toward her mouth ... in slow motion. It's all I can do to keep from laughing.

Same thing at the dinner table. When her tummy was full, she drank a little milk and instead of placing the cup back onto the table, she holds it to the side of the high chair and drops it. I told her, "No darling girl, put your cup here on the table." A minute later, she had the cup in her hands again, drank ... and then looked at me, with the cup dangling over the side of the chair. She never lost eye contact. I gave her "the look", and told her to put her cup on the table. She went for the full dramatic pause ... and dropped it. And still never lost eye contact. I had to cover my mouth and bite my lips to hide the smile. And she knew. She smiled back. (Sorry kids.)

Let's see ... what else ...

She only read one book yesterday. Weird. We did play with the cars in the hallway ... she liked that a lot. As one rolled down the hall, she'd chase it and I'd start another one rolling towards her. At first that made her laugh ... but after we did it a few times, she'd make an unhappy noise and come running back to me, as if she was saying, "WAIT! I want to be here when they start rolling!"

We went onto the deck for a little while. She found some river rocks that I use in my potted plants, and lined them all up at one end of the deck ... and then moved theme to the other end, one by one. Repeat. Repeat.

She said, "Blanket" when she saw her blanket. No, it didn't sound like blanket ... but she was definitely calling it a word. She danced to some songs on PBS. She kissed her puppy. She ate supper. She took a bath, and then afterwards, climbed right back up the stairs and asked to "SIT!" in my chair in the bedroom. (We combed her hair there, while she watched in the mirror.)

The Simpsons were on in the background at one point, and Homer was singing the Batman theme, "Na na na na na na na na, Fishing" (instead of Batman) ... she looked at me and smiled, and started singing, "Nana, nana, nana" .... hehee.

After I took her home, her Mama showed her a cute pink baseball cap she had bought for her yesterday. Squish tried it on, and we thought it'd the same as the hair clips ... right off again. We were wrong ... she liked wearing her hat. Maybe they'll take a picture of her in it this weekend.

The funniest thing she said yesterday ... we were walking around the front yard, and she said (as she does every time), "Da Papa?" ... meaning "Where's that Papa?" I told her you were working far away again, and missing his Sarah really badly (as I do every time). At this point you're going to have to use your imagination because in a perfect little British accent she said, "Da PaPAA." Accent on the second Pa. And then she said it again. Good LORD. She's cute.

I know you're disappointed about the lack of a new picture ... but I had my hands full!


And now I'm off to pack for Wilmington! Hope everybody has a good weekend ...


Anonymous said...

Isn't today your birthday? Did I see that somewhere? If so Happy Birthday to you : ) Amy

Jimmy said...

No trips?
No new stories?
No adventures in shoe stores?
No new friends?
Nothing happening since the 13th?

Have you completely moved to that FaceBook, MyFace, MySpace,,, whatever - that other place?