Friday, August 15, 2008

"Why would you care to get out of this place? ..."

Greetings from The Land Of Denial.

Oh, before I start rambling, I'd like to send some very warm and sincere wishes for a great day today to my brother-in-law, Michael. Today is his *cough*ty-eighth birthday! He is one half of my very favorite in-laws. And I miss them both. Happy Birthday, Michael!

So how's my class going, you ask? Eh. We "learned" to put in eye drops on Wednesday. We practiced. And practiced. My eyes were dripping the next day, even.

Why am I taking this class, again? Someone remind me. Wasn't my life just fine the way it was?


Looks like a quiet weekend ahead. No plans so far. Maybe I'll howl at the full moon on Saturday night, just for old time's sake.


Are you watching the Olympics? Jimmy watches a little every night, and I usually catch up on things by watching The Today Show.
Again, eh.

That seems to be the theme for the Dawn's Summer of 2008: "Eh."

Of course I'm watching Big Brother ... wouldn't be summer without it. For the record, I'm pulling for Dan, but wouldn't be upset if Renny went on to the end, either. She's a hoot. I was pulling for the old guy, Jerry, until he opened his mouth. What an ass.


Oy. I'm so boring.

As always, the highlight of my week is Thursday Afternoon With The Squishy One. The nickname stuck, but she's not as squishy as she used to be. She's growing so tall, so fast! Yesterday, she wanted to crawl, and she was serious about it. I crawled around after her, to make sure she stayed safe from Maggie The Cat.
Carpet-crawling, I can do. Once she hit the foyer or the kitchen though ... ouch. My knees can't take the abuse, so I settled for scooting on my butt behind her. I'm sure we were a sight.

The theme for this Thursday was "LOUD"! She was trying out her volume settings, and was truly entertaining herself by seeing how loud she could talk. Heee! She totally amazes me. I know I'll blink a couple more times and she'll be walking. And then the next day, she'll be moving into her dorm at Clemson.

Some pictures from yesterday:

Everything must be tasted:

Including baby feet:

There's not much better in the world, I'm telling you the truth.


Emilie said...

SOOOOOO sweet! I miss that girl so much it's crazy. I can't believe how fast she's gotten so big! Keep reminding her who I am and that I love her! I love you too!

Anonymous said...

My God she's adorable!!! I want to be a part of that life so bad, I can't stand it. And Great Grandma wants to squeeze her too.
She must make the trip to Columbus with you. I'm sure Mom and Dad wouldn't mind :)
xoxo Sister Kay

Rebecca said...

She just gets more beautiful with each passing day Dawn! And I agree with Kay, she needs to come to Columbus with you next time..