Friday, May 23, 2008

"Never forget who you are, little star ..."

Is everybody ready for their nice, long, three-day weekend? I'm just hoping I can get something productive done, instead of letting the old procrastination thing win, once again.

Look who is sitting up, all by herself, these days!

Papa's hand is back there just for show ... she really can sit up and play with her toys. See?

I know I'm all about the babeh pictures these days ... but I have to show you a couple more. (All of these were taken yesterday, by the way.)

After I picked her up at daycare yesterday, we came in and sat in the rocker to catch up with each other. Emilie soon called to say hello, during her lunch break. I put her on speaker phone so that they could talk to each other, and so that Emilie could cry a little. (MAN, she misses that baby!)

Well, after a bit, the Sweetness started chewing on her "caterpillar" ... a toy she's had over here since Day One. She sank lower and lower, until her head was on my arm. I looked at her and smiled ... she smiled back, her eyes rolled around a couple of times, and CONK. She was out like a light, still hanging on to the bug. Of course I had to snap a picture:

If THAT doesn't melt your heart, you've got problems.


Emilie said...

I need more pictures! Always need more pictures! I love you! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohmygod!!! If that isn't the sweetest baby?!?!?!?!

How are you my friend? I have missed you dearly. We need to get together to catch up on "things".

Love ya~