Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Let's take it from the top ..."


It'll be September before I write it anywhere without having to stop and think, "What year is it?" ... hell, my natural instinct is to write "1998"! I'm TEN YEARS BEHIND!

Like that's news to anybody.


Shall we discuss Clemson's loss to Auburn in overtime at the Chickfila Bowl on New Year's Eve? No? Good.

I just wish they had played with some heart. It felt like they were only half into it. Bah.

Here's Miss Squishy's reaction:

(She was not impressed, Mr. Bowden.)


Mary, Kathy wants to be Eddy. Besides, as familiar as I am with a vodka bottle, I've always assumed I was closer to being Patsy than Eddy. I'm not blonde though. And I don't own any designer clothes. But I am older than God.

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