Monday, January 07, 2008

"Chasing the years of my life ..."

It's the first Monday of 2008 ... the official END of the holiday season. (And not a moment too soon.)

It's also a momentous day in our family. Miss Squishy is two months old today! Seems like SO much has happened since two short months ago, when we all met over at the hospital to welcome her into our world. It has definitely been a busy couple of months. She's even more beautiful today than she was on the day she was born. She's growing like crazy. The biggest change, to me, is her ability to focus on faces and things ... she looks and studies, and now you can see that she's really seeing everything. She's also beginning to "talk" ... those first sweet ooohs and ahhhs they make that are just the sweetest sounds you've ever heard. That, and the smiles. Oh, those heartbreaking smiles.

This picture is from Friday night, when she came to stay with us for a few hours while her Mama and Daddy went out together. I had laid her in the crib and turned the mobile on ... she laid there for a LONG time, totally entranced by the lights, the music, and the stuffed animals going around and around over her head.

Two Months Old!


Emilie made it home last night from her week in Ohio, safe and sound. Her "in a nutshell" review of Skybus Airline: "It's cheap! Expect delays."


Back to routine here today. I'll be at the grocery store momentarily ... getting back to the cooking dinner every night routine. Time to start exercising as well. I'm tired of just talking about how I'm going to be fit one of these days. Gotta start somewhere and today is the day.

Arrrghhhh ... I'll be FORTY-freakin'-NINE in less than 3 months. That really hurts.

But then I just look at another picture of Squishy, and I don't even care how old I am or how many gray hairs I'm covering every month. She makes me happy to just be here. She makes me look forward to the "next time" ... the future. That may be the BIGGEST change seen in the last two months. Thank you, Miss S. <3


Mary said...


Forty Freaking Nine.....What sort of trouble can we get into????

Kathy said...


Mary said...

Let's do a winery tour of NC with all of the tastings. I'll do some research.