Friday, June 01, 2007

"Say a prayer but let the good times roll ..."

Random and disjointed thoughts:

***I love love love my new bathroom paint. 18-year-old wallpaper is nasty, but pale sage paint is beautiful.***

***I finally watched the 2-hour season finale of "Lost". Fan-freakin'-tastic, I thought. I heart Hurley. Big time.

***Had my 1-year blood work done yesterday. My vein rolled on the first stick, and she just kept trying to make it cooperate by moving the needle around and re-jabbing in the same spot. I'm really surprised I'm not bruised today.***

***We need rain.***

***Tried the new pedicure place next to Bloom on Hwy. 14. My toes look alright, but I didn't like the "vibe" I got from the people who worked there. I'll stick to Tips & Toes next to Whole Foods.***

***I watched season one of "Weeds" on DVD this week. Good show!***

***Just exactly how long does a 7-night cruise last anyway? I feel like it's been months since I've seen Adam & Brandy.***

***I need to up my protein intake. I've been slacking.***

***Can't even express how I dread being away from home for weeks. I'm such a baby. I hope someone will water my plants.***

***Must. Concentrate. On. Organization. For. Trip.***

***Get. Up. Get. Busy.***

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Kathy said...

Hey, I got a pedicure last weekend at the place by Bloom. The ladies there were in a great mood. They made me laugh soooo hard. Talking about dating and boyfriends and boob jobs and stuff.
anyway, the job they did on my toes was OK. I'll probably go there again becasue they are so close to my house, but I might be alittle more specific about what I want next time.
They squared off my toenails too much. They look too long, I'm surprised I don't make that click clacking sound when I walk on the linoleum like the dog does...