Thursday, February 26, 2004

"No shirt, no shoes, no problem ..."

Yeah, it's snowing. I guess it started about 7 AM, but then it stopped midday, and the roads all got a lot better. But now it's coming down again. I measured 4 inches on my deck just now, and it's coming down sideways, the winds are so strong. I always wish my Mom could be around when it snows ... she gets so excited about how pretty it is. And it is pretty when it's falling. The road in front of my house is white again, my driveway too ... so you know I won't be going out tonight. (Said as if I go out a lot anyway. Ha.)

I missed a haircut appointment due to the snow today. Have to wait another week. Drat.


Emilie called me last night as she was leaving a concert on campus ... she said she heard sirens and saw smoke. Then the whole thing was right in front of her ... a 3-story student apartment building right across the street from campus burned to the ground. She said it was a most incredible and shocking sight ... the flames so high in the sky, they were visible for quite a distance. Two hours later, the firefighters were still working ... the high winds last night made the fire so much worse.

Today, over 100 students have lost everything. One girl on the news said, "I didn't lose a lot, because I didn't have much. Just pictures. My pictures. But I did get my stuffed animal when I left." Oh gosh, that makes me cry. Thankfully NOT ONE student was even hurt.


The Bachelorette:Why, oh why, did Meredith tell Matthew that she would "be honored" to get a ring from him? Man, that made me so mad when she ended up choosing Ian instead. Matthew stayed so classy, even with his huge disappointment ... I hope he's got girls lining up for him back in Texas. I think she picked the wrong guy. But then again, she never called me to ask what I thought.


Whoooie, the snow is really flying out there. Let me go look out my window and pretend I live on the coast of Maine. See ya.


Outside My House Today:

High: 44 (at midnight)

Low: 29



Beth said...

Are you kidding me?? I can't belive you have snow and it's 70 degrees one state below you! I'm in class, so I can't type long. Just wanted to say Hi, and I love you! I'll be writing you a letter soon to update you on random crap since I never write in my journal anymore. :) Make a snow man for me! ***

Dawn said...

Well, ya silly! It's not snowing here today! I wrote that last Thursday ... today (Tuesday) is almost 70 degrees here. That snow disappeared pretty fast. Sure was pretty though.

I love you back!