Sunday, December 14, 2003

"You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch ..."

Short hello for this drippy, cold Thursday ...

Today was my yearly check-up ... the doctor very wisely pronounced me "just fine". So there.

Mother and I shopped all afternoon ... 'twas freezing out there but it added to the Christmas feeling.

Also, in case you were wondering ... the job on Tuesday went well! The lady is from New England, and quite the character. I drove her to her lawyer's office so that she could cut her son out of her will (ha!), she treated me to lunch at a Chinese restaurant, we visited the mall, and she did a bit of grocery shopping, and at 5:30 PM I dropped her off at her home. She talked almost constantly, so there was little for me to do except drive the car and listen. I'll go back on Tuesday ... I think she has a salon appointment for a perm. Whoo hoo!

Sleepy already. Please take good care of yourselves. :-)


Outside My House Today:

High: 35

Low: 31

Icy, rainy, and quite miserably cold!


Kay said...

There's no place like Aunt Dawn's for the holidays.......

Well it's only slightly warmer here today. High so far has been about 43 and its gloomy, grey, breezy and cooooooold. They "say" sun will peek out by this afternoon, but here it is afternoon and I don't see no sun!
I "reserved" an suv off today from the Enterprise counter at the airport. For $298.80 (inc all taxes and state rental fees) I will have a chevy trailblazer, GMC envoy or a Ford explorer from 12/20 thru 12/27. We'll see huh?
I'm pretty much thru shopping (I think), and now if only someone would come in here and do all my wrapping and goodie making for me. I'm exhausted!
Tonight I'm heading to a birthday/bonfire for a girl at work....should be cold and fun. Right now my hair is up in a clip with Loreal doing her magic so's I can look beyoootifool tonight by the firelight.
Oh...heres a funny (just a little preview of how ready my son is for living on his own)...I awoke this morning to the smell of something cooking. Granted, the smell was not pleasant. I went into the kitchen to find the oven on, and a pizza inside baked black beyond all recognition. Josh was asleep in his bed, all covered up with the tv on!!! sigh. What am I gonna to with him? I thought about saving the pizza and wrapping it to go with the (EDITED BY SANTA) Adam is giving him...its baked enough to be considered petrified or something....but nawwww.
Time to go rinse...I love you....tell Grandma I love her too.

AJ said...

You know, you and your sisters always make quite an effort to keep me from finding out about my Christmas presents, but as soon as you find out what I'm getting Josh, you have to go post it on the internet for the whole world to see. Doesn't seem fair to me.
- AJ

P.S. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas time. I took the whole week off work so I could be there. :)

Dawn said...

I'm thinkin' you must be trying to make yourself feel younger by calling me "Aunt Dawn" and your mother "Grandma". :-)

Hope you had fun at the bonfire/party.

And I surely wish it wasn't so expensive for you to be able to get up here for the holidays. Could you get a minivan for less than an SUV?

Maybe Josh will be less likely to burn pizza that he's had to grocery-shop for, you think?

Kay said...

Awww know Josh only knows how to open his mailbox on the internet. If I thought he knew his way to this website, I'd never have said anything of the sort. Plus...the "edited by Santa" thingie is pretty cute. And I can't wait to see you too! It seems like forever since we've been up there.
And no Dawn...Minivans are about the same if not you can't find any place that will guarantee one. And, the price I was quoted sounds a whole lot better than the original $500 plus for a week that I was getting over the phone. Besides, I'll prolly go to pick it up on the 20th and they won't have anything and I'll end up coming up in a Ford Escort! Nawwww...I'll drive my car and risk it before that.
Two more days this week...then next week is work and baking at night...then we come up! I took Beth shopping some the other night and I about died...Walmart and Target in one night is NO fun.
And finally, "Aunt Dawn's" and "Grandma" were used in a loving if from the whole Lee house (:
I may be old...but you'll always be older....pfffft !
xoxo Kay