Thursday, October 12, 2006

"I'm not here for your entertainment ..."

Whoa. Long time, no see. No excuse, except that time is literally flying for me. The day feels like it's just getting started, then I look up and it's time to cook dinner.


Still working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My "team leader" just had a baby, so she's been gone for the last few weeks. I let the assistant team leader know about my upcoming surgery (more on that later). I knew it wouldn't go over very well ... all the talk lately is about how incredibly busy they expect November and December to be. She was nice about it, but I know it's something they wish I could put off a few months. But I'm not. The insurance deductible is high, and it's MET until December. It makes financial sense to take advantage of that!

So anyway. I'm having a hysterectomy and bladder repositioning ... hopefully November 1st or 8th. I'll find out the exact date later on. I won't go into all the "female details", since making people uncomfortable isn't my goal here. :-) Bottom line: it's something I've needed for a while now, and it looks as though the stars are aligning for it to finally happen.

Standing all day on the weekends isn't helping matters. (TMI? Sorry.)

I hate to admit it, but there are parts of my little part-time job that I enjoy. I don't really want to quit, and I hope they don't let me go because I'll need four to six weeks recovery time, right in the middle of the big holiday rush. (Note: this was written on a Thursday, while my feet feel normal. Thoughts may change on Friday night.)


I'm gathering quotes from painters this week and next week. My goal is to have the entire upstairs repainted and refloored before Christmas. Whooo! I can't wait!!! After the holidays, we'll tackle the lower level and see about those elusive hardwood floors. YES.

First quote from today: They'll strip the wallpaper from the hall and 2 bathrooms; re-do those walls so they're nice and smooth; prime Emilie's room, the stairwell, and hall (where the exsisting paint is dark); paint all the trim and walls in both baths, 3 bedrooms, and the hall; and redo the master bath ceiling ... all for $2,700. Seems like a reputable and dependable company too.

Jimmy said maybe he'd take a week off work and do it himself. That'll be an option, I guess. All I know is, I don't wanna paint. Done that. Hated it.


Brandy said...

That seems like a pretty reasonable quote to me. You are getting me in the mood to get some quotes for our yard work. Anyway, good for you!! I know you've wanted it and needed it for a long time.

Amy said...

That sounds like an awesome quote. I was thinking it would be at least double that. But maybe that is the Charlotte market. I would jump all over that. I will also offer my two cents, hope you don't mind. In mine and Bassem's old house we put hardwood floors down in the living room and hall, we checked around for months and the best place that we found was Floors Today. They had the best prices and we loved our floors. They were not "real" hardwood floors but they looked and felt like it and half the price. Also, the guy there told us that they were so easy to put down that a dummy could do it. Well, that is true, no I am not calling my husband a dummy, but him and his brother (his brother is the dummy, ha ha ha)put them down while my grandfather supervised and gave them pointers. In one Saturday they had my whole living room and hall done and cleaned up too. It was awesome and really helped for the sale of our house.
Sorry to hear about the surgery, but I am sure that it is something that needs to be done. I always heard that most women get kind of, shall we say "witchy" after they have a hysterectomy, but I have to say, it was the BEST thing that ever happened to my mom, well except for the gastric by-pass. Her whole attitude changed she was so much easier to deal with. Good luck and keep us updated!!!
Take care of yourself and have a great day!!!